Complete Guide to Site Plans

Site Plan

What is a Site Plan?

A site plan, also known as a plot plan, is a visual representation of the features found within a parcel of land. Common features shown on a site plan include:

Key Elements of a Site Plan

  • North Arrow: Indicates the orientation of the site.
  • Scale: Provides the scale of the drawing, typically in feet.
  • Property Lines: Outlines the boundaries of the parcel.
  • Main Structures: Shows the location of buildings, garages, sheds, etc.
  • Landscape: Includes trees, shrubs, grass, and other vegetation.
  • Contour Lines: Indicate changes in elevation across the site.
  • Impervious Calculations: Measure the amount of paved or concrete surfaces.
  • Wells/Septic Tanks: Show the location of any on-site utilities.
  • Easements: Identify rights-of-way and utility locations. Easements require a survey
  • Distances Between Structures: Provide measurements between buildings and property lines.
  • Setbacks: Indicate required distances from structures to property boundaries.
  • Additions: Include any proposed new structures like fences, porches, pools, etc.

Site plans are an important tool for planning, permitting, and constructing projects on a property. They provide a detailed overview of the site conditions and proposed changes.